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  • Prefix: prefix: ! (custom)
  • Library: discord.js
  • Owner: Mober#7979
  • Servers: 0

Sushi Logs


For this time this bot is a logs bot, In more time we add more commands like moderation and more...

The name of the bot is "Sushi logs"

-logs |
Moderation logs | logs when:
-A member gets banned
-A member gets unbanned
-Role updates
-Member roles/nickname changes

Channel logs | logs when:
-Channel is created
-Channel is deleted
-Channel is edited

Member logs | logs when:
-A member joins the server
-A member leavee the server(optional)

Message logs | logs when:
-Message is deleted
-Message is edited

-All logs will identify who did the actions above
-All logs are customizable to each and every room in the server you will choose
-To see all of the commands type !cmds