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TriviaBot#7948's avatar


1 votes 101067 servers Fun Social Economy Web Dashboard

A Trivia/Quiz Discord Bot with over 120000 questions, nitro as prizes, teams, leaderboards, dashboard, and can give winners roles as rewards

Minato Namikaze#9629's avatar

Minato Namikaze

30 votes 305 servers Fun Social Utility Moderation Multipurpose Music OpenSource Logging Anime Giveaways Pokemon

Konichiwa, myself Minato Namikaze, Konohagakure Yondaime Hokage, I try my best to do every work as a Hokage!

Nao#9198's avatar


2 votes 396 servers Fun Utility Moderation Multipurpose Music NSFW

»Nao is a Bot with a lot of cool Commands. From music commands to a log or fun commands.

Quacky#1653's avatar


0 votes 1037 servers Fun Utility Moderation Multipurpose Pictures Protection Logging

Quacky is an advanced utility bot that increases automation in your server. Commands range from fun to moderation.

Protect#4243's avatar


0 votes 4545 servers Protection Web Dashboard

Nous faisons de la sécurité notre priorité ! Anti Raid, Anti Selfbot, Antispam, Antiraid, Captcha, Blacklist, protection roles et channels

Randomly-selected discord bots

Minecraft#3041's avatar


0 votes 0 servers Utility Multipurpose Statistics Pictures

A Minecraft bot for Discord with lots of commands such as player skins, name history.

KillerBot#5438's avatar


0 votes 0 servers Moderation Useful

A simple yet advanced multi-purpose bot that excels many other multipurpose bots

YouTube Music#6823's avatar

YouTube Music

0 votes 0 servers Music

A simple but high quality music bot

OcelotBOT#7126's avatar


0 votes 22980 servers Fun Utility Multipurpose NSFW Meme Pictures Reddit

Dank memes, Games, Trivia, NotSoBot style image filters, music, guessing games, meme generators, image search and hundreds of fun commands!

HyperSpeed#7401's avatar


0 votes 0 servers Moderation Music Useful Fun Pictures

HyperSpeed is a multipurpose Discord bot designed to improve your server efficiency

Echo#8814's avatar


0 votes 0 servers Fun Moderation Music

Echo is a multifunctional discord bot. Made for everyone and their servers. Echo is updated regularly

Eve.#8161's avatar


0 votes 1171 servers Fun

The Discord bot that pretends to be your friend!

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Wiki-Bot#2998's avatar


1 votes 4884 servers Utility Moderation Web Dashboard Multilangual OpenSource

Wiki-Bot is a bot with the purpose to easily search for and link to wiki pages.

Easy Tickets#1884's avatar

Easy Tickets

1 votes 0 servers Useful

An easy-to-use Ticket system with automated setup and emoji reaction tickets.

RandNon#2783's avatar


7 votes 0 servers Fun Utility Multipurpose Minecraft

Bunch of commands packed with randomness!! Includes some optional Minecraft (EN)

<DSW> Bot#1624's avatar

<DSW> Bot

1 votes 0 servers Economy Multipurpose Meme Reddit

A fun and multipurpose bots with Economy, image manipulation, meme commands, random photos of dogs, cats, foxes, timer, userinfo and so much more <3.

Scraby#5914's avatar


2 votes 181 servers Fun Economy Utility Moderation Multipurpose Statistics Meme Protection Logging Reddit COVID-19

A simple bot who was made for fun, economy, utility and logging. It also has commands made for moderation.

Zodyak 🚀#3621's avatar

Zodyak 🚀

3 votes 0 servers Fun Social Economy Utility Moderation Multipurpose Music NSFW French Protection Community Logging Anime

ZODYAK is a French bot, created start 2020 and developped by V E L D and Oatox_. ZODYAK is fully customisable and very complete. Choose It, It's for U

ESP CUSTOMS#4522's avatar


6 votes 0 servers Utility Moderation Multipurpose Music Web Dashboard Protection Spanish Fortnite Community

Discord bot with web panel and status! Advanced automatic moderation, levels, xp, reaction roles, high-quality music and much more.

Recently-added discord bots

Yuuki#1210's avatar


3 votes 0 servers Fun Soundboard

A Discord Soundboard With 12+ Categories! To Have Fun in VC with your friends!

RNG Spam Bot#8956's avatar

RNG Spam Bot

0 votes 0 servers Fun

Some useful and funny RNG commands.

Fame#5397's avatar


0 votes 0 servers Music

A sleek, rich, & high quality music bot.

{echo}#9842's avatar


3 votes 0 servers Fun Utility Moderation NSFW OpenSource

Echo is a Discord Bot with a ton of features and there is more to come !

Droid#1036's avatar


0 votes 0 servers Fun Utility Pictures

Droid is a simple Chatbot that chats with people. What else do you expect from it?

Nagatoro#1275's avatar


1 votes 0 servers Fun Moderation Multipurpose Meme Logging Anime

Nagatoro is a multipurpose entertainment & moderation bot.

Solza#5376's avatar


0 votes 0 servers Fun Social Utility Moderation Meme

Solza was developed with convenience in mind, it is a very user-friendly Discord bot with functionality such as moderation.

HentaiCord#4075's avatar


0 votes 0 servers Fun NSFW Roleplay

❤️ Enhance your sexual experiences with HentaiCord!