Quacky is an advanced utility bot that increases automation in your server. Commands range from fun to moderation.

<style> .emoji-for-description { display: inline; vertical-align: -4.5px; width: 20px; height: 20px; } </style> <p>Quacky comes with many custom features like:</p>

<ul> <li>Text and Voice Channel Moderation </li> <ul> <li>Add/Remove People from Text Channels</li> <li>Move everyone to a different channel without spamming.</li> <li>Mute everyone in a channel without server muting users.</li> </ul>

<li>Detailed User, Server, and Role Information </li> <ul> <li>View a user's Social Media</li> <li>View when you Boosted a Server</li> <li>Find out what bot owns a role in your server</li> </ul>

<li>Advanced Searching </li> </ul> These features help increase automation in your server

Quacky also has many Fun Commands for your server's members:

<ul> <li>Animal Pictures </li> <li>Image Manipulation </li> <li>Game Commands </li> <ul> <li>Test your spelling with our spell game</li> <li>Test your Pokémon knowledge with our Pokémon Game</li> </ul> </ul>

Overall, Quacky is the best bot for interacting with your server's community!

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