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  • Prefix: e!
  • Library: discord.js
  • Owner: ADIB HOQUE ⚒#8801
  • Servers: 0



Electrify & Boost Up Your Discord Server!

<div align="center"> <img src="" align="center"> <h2 align="center">ELECTRIFY AND BOOST UP YOUR DISCORD SERVER</h2> <br> <a href=""> <img src=""> </a> <a href=""> <img src=""> </a> </div>

<h2 align="center">INTRODUCTION</h2>

<img src="" alt="ELECTRO" align="center">

ELECTRO is a general purpose moderation, fun , music & NSFW bot. ELECTRO has all the moderation commands, tons of fun commands, high quality music commands & NSFW commands of all fetishes. To see the list of commands scroll down or type e!help or @ELECTRO help in a server which have ELECTRO. Join our discord server to contract the bot creator @ADIB HOQUE#6969.

<h2 align="center">PREFIX OF ELECTRO</h2>

ELECTRO commands can be used by the prefix e! or by mentioning @ELECTRO. If you want to use commands by mentioning you must put a space after the mention or the command won't work.

<img src="" aling="center">

<h2 align="center">ELECTRO CATEGORIES</h2> <ul> <li>General - (26)</li>

ping, userinfo, serverinfo, ownerinfo, avatar, membercount, define, snipe, math, invite, upvote, pokemon, shinypokemon, pokefuse, 8ball, electroav, brilliance, bravery, balance, coronaav, coronaav-green, coronaav-purple, coronaav-pink, corona, motivation, revive <li>Moderation - (17)</li>

kick, ban, setnick, role, say, embed, DM, english, rolecolor, lockdown, unlock, menro, mute, unmute, joinchannel, leavechannel, testwelcomer <li>Fun - (26)</li>

triggered, brazzers, burn, gay, missionpassed, thanos, rip, meme, pat, love, slap, kiss, hug, cuddle, spank, tweet, phubcomment, howgay, whowouldwin, captcha, magik, deepfry,iphonex, threats, clyde, trash <li>Music - (8)</li>

play,skip,stop,pause,resume,volume,np, queue </ul> <details> <summary>● NSFW - (30) Click to show!</summary> boobs, pussy, ass, thighs, porngif, 4k, anal, upskirt, pornhub, pornstar, classic, blowjob, hentai, hentaiass, hentaianal, hentaithighs, hentaineko, hentaikitsune, girlsolo, pussygif, feet, femdom, pussyart, smallboobs, girlsologif, classic, cumsluts, randomhentaigif, bjgif, lesbian </details>

<img src="" aling="center"> <h2 align="center">CONTRIBUTE</h2> This project is licenced under MIT. If you have any new ideas, create an issue or a pull request. Contributions to ELECTRO are always welcome, whether it be improvements to the documentation or new functionality, please feel free contract us. <img src="" aling="center">

If you are using ELECTRO and love it, consider joining our Discord Server ❤️