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  • Prefix: r++
  • Library: discord.js
  • Owner: Shamil#0810
  • Servers: 0



A Moderation, Welcome, Logging based bot with high customizability.


What does RFPK 2 has?

RFPK 2 is a moderation bot with high customizability. RFPK 2 also has a welcome system which is fully customizable, you can customize things like embed color, background image, description, join role, layout, channel etc

RFPK 2 is also really good at logging which is also customizable. Set what to log in your server!

All commands are embedded! neat right?

Want detailed server info command? We got you covered!

Want to suggest a feature? Just type r++suggest <your suggestion> then we'll get on making it possible!

Do I have to pay for the features?

Nope. I made this bot in the aim of making it free, I always hated all of the bots which makes you to make a purchase some features.

How do I get the help command?

Easy, just invite the bot to your server and type r++help to view the help menu!

How do I support the bot?

Right now, the only way of supporting the bot is to either vote the bot or invite it to other servers!