<DSW> Bot

A fun and multipurpose bots with Economy, image manipulation, meme commands, random photos of dogs, cats, foxes, timer, userinfo and so much more <3.

A fun bot that has a lot of variety commands including auto-memes , image manipulation , pictures of cat,dogs etc and more!

example of some Commands - *automeme - Auto memes! *countdown - Countdown from specified secounds! *help - Shows help message *cat - Random picture of a meow *dog - Random image of a doggo *fox - Get a random floof boi *google - Your text in google search bar *meme - A random meme! *wanted - Image Wanted person *invite - Invite me to your server! *fight - Test your fighting skills against a bot! *pvp - Fight against another player! *guess - Guess a number between 1 and 10 *rpg - Play a relaxing game of rock , paper scissors!

We have unique prestige commands like - Auto meme, Typeracer, Economy , and more!

And way more commands! Type *help for the list of all commands. Invite the bot today to use all commands!