Pokemon Is a bot where every so often a pokemon spawns and has to be guessed to be caught.

How to Play p!start : To get a list of starter pokemons. p!pick : To Pick a Starter Pokemon. p!catch <Pokemon> : To catch the pokemon in the chat. p!info latest : Info about last pokemon you have caught. p!hint : Not to worry if you don't know pokemon name. p!detailed : To view detailed info. p!levelup <enable | disable> : Enable/disable level up messages in current channel. p!help trade : To get help on Trade. p!select <Pokemon Number> : Select a specific pokemon. p!info <Number> : If number is None it will Give info about your selected pokemon. p!dex | pokedex <Name | DEX> : Give info about a pokemon from dex. For more info on Dex use p!help Dex p!pokemon : If Number is none there will be list of all pokemons or Shows Details about a pokemon that you have. p!order ivs/name/number/level a/d: "Changes default order of your pokemons. p!addfav <Number> : Adds a pokemon to your favourite list. p!removefav <Number> : Removes a pokemon to your favourite list. p!fav : To view your all favourite pokemons.

" Config p!redirect spawns <Channel> : Now spawns will be redirected to a specified channel. p!setprefix <New Prefix> : Changes the default prefix.

Support p!invite : Gives you the invite link of the bot. p!support : Get to our support server. p!patreon : Support us by becoming a Patreon.

Info p!ping : Shows the ping of bot. p!stats : Shows stats of the bot.