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  • Prefix: db! / Custom
  • Library: discord.js
  • Owner: scltxn#5872
  • Servers: 0



A multipurpose bot that is used for Moderation, Fun, Music, and more!

Hello! This is DogBot! It's a discord bot with moderation commands, music, fun, configuration commands, and more! If you invite it, mention it for the config things and then use db!help to get a list of the commands! We have a website, which isn't a dashboard. It's We have it as no real purpose for the short run. Come join the support server with the command db!links! If theres an error or you have a question! You don't wanna check the website or the commands the commands are db!help1, db!help2, db!help3, db!help4, db!help5. Thanks for trying out DogBot! If you need anything, reach out to the support server or to scltxn#2018