A multi-task bot that specializes in server management. Leveling | Custom commands| Reactions Roles


The Spiritus bot is a multitasking bot that specializes in managing a server. Indeed many are its functions which aim to save time and facilitate the tasks of maintenance of a server. Create, delete, update emojis, channels, roles, reaction-roles is extremely easy!

Les fonctions principales de Spiritus :

Spiritus have a verry good feactures : <ul> <li> Creation, update and deletion of emojis, channels, roles </li> <li> Custom commands system </li> <li> Free and unlimited leveling system </li> <li> Complete and reliable moderation system </li> </ul> Thanks to Spiritus, configuring, maintaining and running your server will only be a part of the fun!


With Spiritus by your side, keep a pleasant server, the ban, kick, warn mute commands are your friends. And as far as raids are concerned, functions to lock categories, channels at your disposal.

Complete and reliable modules:

A fully customizable leveling system! Functions to add exp by making mini-games or making bets. Choose your rank-card and personalize it!

A complete and unlimited personalized commands module. Choose the message, the name of the order and Spiritus will take care of the rest!