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  • Prefix: +, custom
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  • Owner: Deleted User ea9305cc#5008
  • Servers: 146



Crowby is a new moderation and utility bot for your discord server!

Crowby Beta!

Crowby was developed by GitHub Page.

Crowby's part of the The Sasaki World! Crowby's is currently in Development, be one of the first user of Crowby!

Moderation Commands:
  • kick, ban, unban, purge, mute, unmute, silence, unsilence, slowmode, disableSlowmode, underattack
Utility Commands:
  • password, diagnose, invitebot
Info Commands:
  • help, serverinfo, invite, joindate, ping, servers, avatar, servericon, serverbanner, invitebanner
Fun Commands:
  • coinflip, wordflip, praise