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  • Prefix: r!
  • Library: discord.js
  • Owner: Connor200024#1018
  • Servers: 0



RadioBot is the right radiobot for you with great stations to listen too 24/7!

    RadioBot Commands List:

Discord Server: - Join Here

Bot Invite: - Add Me

Twitter: - Follow Me

Bot Commands:

Botinfo: - This will display the bot information.

Links: - This will display all the RadioBot links.

Ping: - Check the bot's latency.

Policy: - See what we store.

Stop: - This will make the bot leave the current voice channel.

Updates: - Check RadioBot's Updates.

Volume: - Change the current volume of the bot. Just do r!volume 1 - 100.

Votes: - Vote for us on bot lists.


BigRigFM: - This will play BigRigFM, Just do r!brfm.

SimulationFM: - This will play SimulationFM, Just do r!sfm.

SimulatorRadio - This will play Simulator Radio, Just do r!sr.

SimulatorHits: - This will play SimulatorHits, Just do r!sh.

TruckersFM: - This will play TruckersFM, Just do r!tfm.

TruckStopRadio: - This will play TruckStopRadio, Just do r!tsr.


DualFM: - This will play DualFM, Just do r!dufm.

KeyFM: - This will play KeyFM, Just do r!kfm.

ReachFM: - This will play ReachFM, Just do r!reachrfm.

WantedFM: - This will play WantedFM, Just do r!wfm.