• Prefix: e
  • Library: discord.py
  • Tags: Utility, Moderation, Multipurpose, Statistics, Community
  • Owner: drim#6538
  • Servers: 0


Multi-purpose ROBLOX Bot, where you can view player information, game info and other details this is perfect of the communities of Roblox.

ROBLOX Profile Bot

Want to check out a banned roblox users account? Just use the command eprofile (username) and it will show it's profile!

What you can see!

  • Last online date.
  • Description.
  • Status
  • Badges
  • Groups
  • Followers & More!

You can also link your discord.

Roblox / Moderation Tools

  • Check group statistics such as it's role, member count etc.
  • Kick and ban users.
  • Purging messages.

Use ehelp command for all commands.


  • ehelp (shows all commands)


  • egame [name of game] (shows information about chosen game)
  • eprofile [username] (shows information about chosen user)
  • ecatalog [item id] (shows information about chosen item)
  • egroup [name] (shows information about chosen group)
  • eusergroups [username] (shows all groups a user is in & role)


  • eprefix [prefix] (change prefix of bot)
  • ekick [user] (kicks user from server)
  • eban [user] (bans user from server)
  • eclear [amount] (clears certain amount of messages)


  • ethemes (shows all owned themes)
  • eopen [box name] (opens box and gives a theme)
  • einventory (shows all owned boxes)
  • eselect [theme name] (selects chosen theme)

Description: This bot is all roblox related, it has a few moderation commands. But the main purpose is to make roblox more accessible. You are able to search up roblox profiles, roblox game in the comfort of your discord server! This bot's main goal is to make searching for roblox users, and other roblox related data simple. If you want more roblox related tools/commands please vote & review it shows the bot is liked!

Invite the bot to your server.

If you need help, find bugs or want to suggest commands join support server!

Youtube channel if you cant contact me any other way.

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