• Prefix: =
  • Library: discord.js
  • Tags: Fun, Social, Utility, Moderation, Protection
  • Owner: Tredox#2205
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Brawl Stars Blacklist

Stay your Brawl Stars Club safe with our Management Tool. Create your Club Blacklist & let you remember if blacklisted Player joins your c

HELP | Command List for Brawl Stars Blacklist Bot


=blacklist | Displays a Step by Step Tutorial

=add <User> <ID> <Reason> | Add Player to the Blacklist =pick <User> | Display any Information about the User by his Name =tag <User> | Display any Information about the User by his Tag =remove <User> | Remove Player from the Blacklist

CLUBLOG COMMANDS: =clublog | Creates a Clublog and reports you when a blacklisted Player joins (Only if you also use the Blacklist Feature) =stop <#TAG> | Stop your Clublog


=help | shows bot command list =invite | sends a link to invite the bot =iq <User> | displays the true IQ from <User>


=perms Rolename | sets a role for the bot permissions =log Channelname | sets a channel for the acitivity log =settings | shows important Bot Settings for this Guild =kick {member} {reason} | kicks {member} from the Server =clear/purge {ammount} | Clears the Chat