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You can get info on the Spotify song you or your friends are playing, as well as grabbing the album art and lyrics

    <h1>How to use the bot</h1>

This bot uses the Spotify API of discord to grab informations (especially the cover art) of a user listening to spotify. Therefore, you or the targeted member has to listen to Spotify in order for it to work. For example, if you need the spotify album art, just throw on Spotify and run the command: sp-listen. You can also grab the lyrics of the currently playing song with sp-lyrics

<p style="color:red">This bot does <u>not</u> play music from Spotify or anywhere else!!!!!!</p>

<h1>Command list</h1>

sp-listen [member=None]: Creates an embed that displays:

  • the title of the song currently playing
  • a link to the song
  • the artist or artists (in a collab)
  • the album name
  • the album cover
  • a link to the album cover (640x640)
  • the track ID of the song

Leave member blank to select yourself.

sp-lyrics [member=None]: Creates an embed that displays:

  • the song title and the artist
  • a link to the genius lyrics
  • the album cover

<p style="color:red">Warning: Song lyrics can be explicit, neither the bot owner nor the API owner can be held responsible</p>

Leave member blank to select yourself.

sp-findlyrics [title] [artist]: Searches for the lyrics but independant of your listening activity. Remember to include double quotes (") for keywords with spaces.

sp-scan [keyword]: Scans through the server and posts an embed for every match

Can use following as input:

  • the title of the sing
  • the album name
  • the track ID

<p style="color:red">Keep in mind that the keyword is case-sensitive and double quotes (") must be passed in case of a space</p>

sp-help: Shows the help for this bot