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Play mini-games in cross-server with all servers that has the bot !

What is CrossPlay ?* CrossPlay allows you to * play mini-gamees * even if your server has 2 members (you and the bot) * because he is cross-server !* CrossPlay, this is * A Discord certified bot, * More than 240 000 users * More than 110 servers * 8 mini-games * A multi-language bot# How it works ?* You can read the documentation ( if you have any troubles or join the support.* Just type >play and choose the gamemode you wants to play !* CrossPlay will send a message in each guilds that has configured the bot, then play using the reactions !* You want to play with your Friends ? * Create a Party with >party and launch a game when you want, with who you wants ! Use the Party cross-server chat to communicate with tem.With this bot, you'll never get bored, you can play when you want, where you want, even if your server have 3 members !Won Experience, PlayCoins and NEW FRIENDS while playing !You can also customize your prefix !Website : (FR) (EN)