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  • Prefix: = (Customizable)
  • Library: discord.js
  • Owner: TheLividaProject#4397
  • Servers: 0



Vibeon is an easy to use Moderation Bot & it also has a few fun commands

Why use Vibeon?

=help for a list of available commands!

=help <command> for an indepth information about the commands

Why I started Vibeon

I got the inspiration of the name Vibeon from my friend Mark, At the time I needed a project to do and I wanted to try JavaScript, So I decided to make a bot called Vibeon and made it for Moderation, i decided to make this public for other people to use too, There's a lot of features to come as well!

Vibeon Features

Updates Regularly Warning System Mute System which allows a time set mute Role Management Punishment Logs & Audit Logs[NEW] AutoRole [NEW] Full Information about a user or server Easy to use Moderation System


If there's any issues or concerns you have, you can always dm me on discord TheLividaProject#4397 or join our support server, here!