• Prefix: y!
  • Library: discord.js
  • Tags: Fun, Social, Utility, Moderation, Multipurpose, Music, Statistics, Meme
  • Owner: YK303#2828
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A cool multi-purpose Discord Bot with music and steam search for games in store much more!!

Commands List of LuckyYK BOT (8)❯ Music Command Groupleave loop loopqueue lyrics move music-trivia nowplaying pause play queue remove resume shuffle skip skipall skipto stop-trivia volume❯ info commands groupalarm avatar channel command-leaderboard country covid emoji-image emoji-list emoji first-message help id invite message npm ping role server steam translate uptime user weather whomademe❯ moderation related commandsaddemoji ban kick prune slowmode❯ fun related commandsanimegif avatar-fusion book info chocolate-milk chucknorris define dog emojify fancy fire fortune gif gintama google hex insult jojo motivation movie nasa random rate react reddit rip thug-life trumptweet wikihow youtube today❯ memes related commandscan-you-not cave dark-light eat-pant eggs-get-laid fly give-flower hi isnt-joke its-joke just-do-it lenny nitro rickroll spam tableflip wynaut yoff❯ random-images related commandsai-artwork ai-fursona ai-horse ai-vase ai-waifu awwnime bird duck fox meme shiba❯ More fun related commands8-ball advice axis-cult bunny-fact cat-fact charlie-charlie choose coin compliment dog-fact draw-cards fact-core fact fml joke light-novel-title lorem-ipsum magic-conch name never-have-i-ever news number-fact offspring opinion oracle-turret pun quantum-coin quote random-user roll security-key shower-thought smw-level subreddit suggest-command superpower the-onion this-for-that will-you-press-the-button word would-you-rather❯ action related commandscry disgust grope hand hug kiss lewd nobully noswearing pat slap smug wasted wink