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  • Prefix: !fg
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  • Owner: Sarc#0001
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Fall Guys


Fall Guys Bot, the only Discord bot with an auto-shop feature, complete round wiki, per-server features, and more!

• Help !fg help Shows the bot help menu!• Info !fg infoShows basic information about the bot!• Rounds !fg roundsGives details about Fall Guys different rounds!• Meme !fg memeSends a random meme from the r/FallGuysGame subreddit!• Shop !fg shopShows the latest available featured items!• DLC !fg dlcShows the latest extra packs available for the game!• Achievements !fg achievementsDisplays the achievements available in Fall Guys!• Progress !fg progressShows how far into the season Fall Guys is!• News !fg newsDisplays a brief of the latest Fall Guys Blog post!• Tweet !fg tweetDisplays the latest tweet from @FallGuysGame!• Status !fg statusShows the current Fall Guys server status and latest issue!• Spec !fg specShows the PC hardware requirements for Fall Guys!• Server !fg serverGives an invite to the bot support server!• Invite !fg inviteGives the invite link for the bot!