• Prefix: x!
  • Library: discord.js
  • Tags: Economy, Moderation, Multipurpose, Protection
  • Owner: azuri.x2z#9236
  • Servers: 0


A powerful bot that offers several features such as: Do giveaways, play musics, have fun and more!

XetroV is a revolutionnary Discord bot that offers several features to entertain your community and make it healthy and clean. However it can manage your server and offers several categories of commands:*

With XetroV, you can:

  • Moderation : Moderate your server with simple and very easy commands to use.

  • Utility : Very useful commands are available, for example to know the information of a user or a server. (x!userinfo, x!serverinfo)

  • Music : Play all the music you want, with a youtube link or the title of your music! See even adjusted the volume!

  • Giveaways : Make giveaways very easily, by just selecting the prize, number of winners and the duration!

  • Fun : Have fun with your friends by the fun & games commands available on the bot!

  • Economy : Also play casino games to entertain your server community.

And more!

-> If you need more help about the bot, you can join the Official XetroV Support Server, or contact us via the [Official XetroV Website]