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  • Prefix: >
  • Library: discord.js
  • Owner: Budles#4058
  • Servers: 0



Trolling, memey, moderation, useful, and extremely CrAzY commands! The bot is memey and has amazing moderation!

This bot is an CrAzY bot with a TON of commands such as, ban, kick, snipe, meme, lockdown, lock, unlock, covid19, tweet, joke, delete, math, gayrate, roll, warning system, AND THE COMMANDS ARE JUST ENDLESS!!! This bot is not always online, however we are going to keep it online 24/7 soon. We even have a slowmode command! Slowmode commands are features that are not in most bots and you can set slowmode to any one (1s, 2s, etc) and it is CrAzY - B10 do be hacking doe. Our mEmE command is not RNG, they generate fresh memes from reddit! Bet you will be laughing hard at that meme commamd. We even have a covid19 info command! You do >covid19 {country} and it shows you all the info you need about covid19 in that specific country! CrAzY, right? There is even a >country {country-name} command, it shows you all the info about the country you mentioned needed! CrAzY. We have a cute >dog command that gets random dogs from the internet, it is so CUTE! SPOILER ALERT: economy system coming soon bois also DM the owner (Budles#4058) for your own automod on your server baby!