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  • Prefix: .
  • Library: discord.js
  • Owner: sebboy#5000
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Ice was made for people who have just made a server and would like to set it up with a welcome card and a ranking system etc.

My goal is to get in 100 servers it would mean the world to me.Ice has moderation tools, fun, giveaway and to help start your server to make it faster to start your server and a all in one bot.

@ the bot to see the prefix it has in that server.

.help (gives all commands)

==== Bot info ====

.avatar (user) .ping .botinfo

==== Moderation ====

Info on the ban command the command will not ban just sends a dm and has 0 errors so it must be a discord problem. (sorry for the inconvenience) .kick (user) (reason) .warn (user) (reason) .purge (Number max 100) .slowmode (number) .mute (user) .unmute (user) .poll (msg here) .new (gives new updates)

==== Fun ====

.meme .reverse (msg here) .hug (user) .say (msg here) .penis .emojify (msg here) .clyde(msg here) .8ball (msg here) .kill (user) .rps (rock,paper or sicssors) .trivia .slap .spotify (have to be listening to a song)

==== Giveaways ====

Broken for now sorry

==== Server Setup ====

.welcome #channel

==== Logging ====

.mod-logs (Enable or disable) (#channel)

==== Ranking System ====

.rank (May take some time to see the card)

.leaderboard (Might spam depends on how many members you have)

==== Ticketing ====

.ticket-setup #channel (.close) to close ticket

If things get reset please join the support server and you will find out why remember it's

To see some bugs check out

Owners of me are sebboy#6660 and LagsAlot#5671