• Prefix: p!
  • Library: discord.py
  • Tags: Utility
  • Owner: Pandapip1#8943
  • Servers: 0


The Official Protor bot: Generate Protor Games

Are you missing the good ol' days when people traded Alphastar and Pulsar for
8 Members+ coins? Need a boost to your meager supply of Dank Memer coins? Well,
even if Members+, Alphastar, and Pulsar are no more, that doesn't mean that
all hope is lost. Protor brings back generator games, so that you can finally
for once get all that money you need for that annoying Dank Memer gambling

Bot Prefix: p!

Bot Commands:

p!help - shows a help message similar to this description
p!gen admineer - generate an Admineer code
p!stock - check the stock of the generator
p!discordtos - Explains why this bot doesn't break the Discord ToS
(TL;DR: We own Admineer, so the codes we give you do not break a specific clause
of the terms that most generator bots do break)
p!bal - Get your token balance
p!claim - Must be used in the official Protor discord, claims a generator
p!rickroll - rickroll somebody (can only be used once per person who gets rickrolled per day)
p!vote - Vote for rewards!

Make sure to our support server here: https://dsc.gg/protor!