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▪Hey this is the Musics_DJ which is made for the purpose of musics only.

▪For help type +help to get total commands and still have doubt Join in our support server

▪The Music bot is having so many special commands for Quality.

▪We can have the bot 24/7 online in the voice channel if you have Premium or Pro Role in our support server by donating in patron.

▪If you have those Pro Role then, You can create your own Playlists of max 500 Songs and can be played Automatically with the command +autoplay by staying in the voicechannel.

▪You can filter the Bass, Pitch, Pop, Speed, Etc.. and can adjust the volume by command +volume.

▪If you want to support me use command +support to get link to our support server or you can donate in Parton by command +donate.

▪You can ignore a particular channel by using the command +ignore in that channel the bot don't reply to any command and you can make bot to listen the bot commands in that channel by command +listen.