Helps you easily win gym raids or trainer battles , search pokemon images , play tictactoe or RockPaperScissor and more .

#Improves your PokeKnowledge to help you win gym raids. Plus play fun games like 8ball, TicTacToe and Rock Paper Scissor. Generates pokemon images by name as well as number.

  • Prefix : ++

  • Commands : ++help (for all commands)

  • List of all command : ++bug ++dark ++dragon ++electric ++fairy ++fighting ++fire ++flying ++ghost ++grass ++ground ++ice ++normal ++poison ++psychic ++rock ++steel ++water

  • For invoking all the above commands use: ++all

  • For image search : ++s {number} | ++name {name of pokemon}

  • TicTacToe | ++tictactoe @mentionPlayer1 @mentionPlayer2

  • Rock Paper Scissor | ++rps <rock or paper or scissor>

  • Magic 8 ball | Play Magic 8 ball . Try ++8ball {question}

  • To know a fun random pokemon fact try : ++fact or ++f

  • For giff lovers try : ++giff

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