CompleX is a Java-Based Multipurpose customizable discord bot with many features like Moderation, Fun, Music, Mini Games, Meme, etc.



CompleX comes with many features and can perform many tasks like Moderation, Fun, Music, Mini Games, etc this bot can also entertain members with its fun commands. CompleX can also send welcome messages when a member joins a specified channel. CompleX is written in Java using JDA and is thus a customizable bot so what you are looking for invite CompleX today.


  • Moderation
  • Welcome
  • Mini Games
    • Guess the number
    • Typerace
  • Fun Commands
  • KickBum
  • Meme
  • Music


CompleX comes with a series of moderation commands like ban, unban, kick, purge more commands will be added in future updates.


CompleX also sends a welcome message when a user joins a specified channel also has the feature to enable/disable as per server requirements (By default it's disabled).

Mini Games

CompleX also has mini games like Guess the number, Typerace for full entertainment of members also more games will be added in future update.

Fun Commands

CompleX also comes with fun commands to have fun and interact with members in a server like the kickbum, f, salute, etc commands and you can guess with name what these commands do. However, these commands can be offensive to some members/servers so CompleX also has a feature to enable/disable these fun commands for particular servers.


Talking about a bot how can we forget memes a daily need of a person so let me tell you all CompleX also comes with a meme command and uses Reddit API to get the best funny memes for you all.


CompleX also has music commands to play music on a Voice Channel it has all basic music commands like play, pr(pause/resume), stop, queue, loop, np(now playing), etc. However, its not truly a music bot but performs this action with any lag in the music (may lag if server count increases)

Go Invite today! CompleX is ready to Join