Are you looking for a discord bot that has a lot of features? then Zcxo is the right bot

Zcxo is a Discord Bot that has many features in it, examples of features in the Zcxo discord bot are:

  • Economy
  • Moderation
  • Music
  • Utility
  • Fun and others In Zcxo you can also customize the prefix as you like, if you forget the Zcxo prefix you can mention him and he will help you remember what the prefix is ​​on your server and of course every feature feature in Zcxo will always be added and always fixed if There is a problem, you can also report any bugs / command problems using the command without having to direct a direct message with the developer and you can also suggest other features that should be added in Zcxo using the command, so now what are you waiting for? invite Zxco now and enjoy Zcxo's features that will come later ....