A sleek, rich, & high quality music bot.

Getting Started

First step to start playing music, make sure Fame is in your server! You can invite Fame to servers you have the MANAGE_SERVER permissions on with this link.

General Commands

+helpSee the help menu.
+statsDisplays Fame's info.
+pingShows API & bot latency.
+inviteReturns an invite of the bot.

Music Commands

+npDisplays the current playing song.
+playPlays a song.
+loopRepeats the queue.
+jumpJumps one song to another.
+stopStops the song.
+skipStops playing a song and resumes to the next.
+pauseStop the current song temporarily.
+queueSends back all of the songs awaiting to be played.
+resumeResume the song after it being paused.
+removeRemove a song from queue in numbers.
+volumeManage the volume of current song.


──────────• ( 🎸 ) •───────────

  • High quality music.
  • Simple & sleek style.
  • No errors or bugs.

Visit our website for more details at www.famebot.tk