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5ive Lee

9 votes 0 servers Fun Social Economy Utility Media

5ive Lee,a Discord bot developed by an Indian.We have fun commands that will make your day better by using our bot.

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DoubleD Bot

7 votes 323 servers Fun Social Economy Moderation NSFW Meme Pictures Logging Media

A NSFW, Currency, Games, Memes & Fun Bot made with Love for everyone

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5 votes 140 servers Fun Utility Moderation Multipurpose NSFW

Hello I'm Tanjiro bot, I was created with the intention of 😂 entertaining and 👮 moderating the discord servers

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5 votes 0 servers Fun Economy Utility Moderation Statistics Meme

A simple bot who was made for fun, economy and utility. It also has commands made for moderation.

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4 votes 0 servers Fun Social Utility Moderation Multipurpose Music Meme Logging Giveaways

This is a jack of all trades Discord bot. 01000110 is comprised of over 30 cogs and with more on the way!

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2 votes 4545 servers Protection Web Dashboard

Nous faisons de la sécurité notre priorité ! Anti Raid, Anti Selfbot, Antispam, Antiraid, Captcha, Blacklist, protection roles et channels

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2 votes 0 servers Utility Moderation Multipurpose Statistics Community

Multi-purpose ROBLOX Bot, where you can view player information, game info and other details this is perfect of the communities of Roblox.

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2 votes 30 servers Fun Social Economy Utility Moderation Multipurpose Music Meme Economy

RoboStux - The Robot That Can Do Everything in One. Contains Music, Games, Moderation, Reaction Roles and so much more.

Sasuke 㸑#6338's avatar

Sasuke 㸑

2 votes 0 servers Fun Social Utility Moderation

Sasuke es un Bot MULTIFUNCIONAL con diversa Cantidad de Comandos!

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1 votes 0 servers Useful Roleplay

Jinkaku is a Roleplay bot built for roleplay servers. You can create multiple profiles, setup an economy, and more.

EpicBot 🏅#8285's avatar

EpicBot 🏅

1 votes 0 servers Fun Economy Moderation Meme Economy Giveaways

A bot wit image commands, fun commands, an AI that u can chat with, an economy system, a moderation system and much more

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Hunter Bot

1 votes 0 servers Economy Utility Moderation Multipurpose Music Economy

This bot has almost everything youre looking for! Moderation system, Music system, Economy system & more!

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Bot Bumper

1 votes 243 servers Fun Social Utility Web Dashboard Statistics Community Logging Media

The first bot to bump your bot's advertisements as well as helping it grow to become famous

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1 votes 434 servers Utility Moderation

A bot to moderate and keep your server clean. Lock channels, publish messages, and more!

Star Wars Mercenaries War#2960's avatar

Star Wars Mercenaries War

1 votes 0 servers Fun Economy Roleplay Economy

Star Wars Mercenaries War Game Bot. The game based on a Mercenaries War in the Star Wars universe.

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1 votes 0 servers Utility Music Anime Stream

An English bot to broadcast Lofi Hip Hop live 24/7 on your server!