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0 votes 0 servers Music Useful Fun

A rich YouTube bot for Discord. Let users know when you upload a video, get detailed information and much more.

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Warriors vs Soldiers

0 votes 0 servers Fun Roleplay

A party game of strategy and deception, set in the world of Attack on Titan! Test your wits against your friends on who is good or evil!

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1 votes 62000 servers Fun Utility Moderation Multipurpose NSFW Meme Pictures Anime Media

Who needs a girlfriend when you have a waifu? :3 150+ commands with paginated help, useful utilities.

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0 votes 0 servers Fun Utility Logging

A bot to add colorful borders to your profile and more avatar related commands!

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YouTube Bot

0 votes 2172 servers Music Useful Fun Meme

🎧 Youtube Bot, Broadcast your favorite music... b

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0 votes 0 servers Moderation Music Useful Statistics Meme Roleplay

Electrify & Boost Up Your Discord Server!

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0 votes 77 servers Fun Social Utility

JoyBot is a discord bot with features like Disboard bump tracking, getting a random face of a member, hugs and kisses commands, and counting!

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0 votes 0 servers Utility Moderation Protection Spanish Logging

Powerful moderation, security and utility bot, created to solve all your problems as a moderator. Supported in various languages.

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0 votes 0 servers Fun Moderation Music Statistics Pictures

Music | Fun | Utils | Info | Games stats | etc

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Game Tracker

0 votes 811 servers Fun Utility Statistics

A bot that gets in-game stats from your favorite games.

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0 votes 0 servers Fun Utility Moderation Multipurpose

Vetrilox is the simplest multi-purpose bot | Complete with tickets and automod

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1 votes 0 servers Fun Moderation Web Dashboard Meme Pictures Roleplay

A great multipurpose bot with a ton of fun.

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0 votes 0 servers Economy Utility Multipurpose Pictures

A bot for programming/coding, pentesting and other science stuff like math and chemistry. Bitcoin and Wolfram Alpha are included.

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0 votes 0 servers Useful Fun

This bot can rank people on roblox!

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0 votes 0 servers Fun Economy Utility Moderation Multipurpose Web Dashboard

CactusFire, bot en español con múltiples comandos para la diversión de los usuarios.

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0 votes 0 servers Music Useful Fun Meme Pictures

A feature-rich Discord bot that features fun, meme, utility, and moderation commands ready to enhance your server.